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1998 was Hollyoaks's fourth year of production. This year, Hollyoaks released it's first spin-off DVD, Hollyoaks: Off On One.

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Benson family Edit

  • Lucy Benson struggled to come to terms with Ollie Benson's death, and Rob Hawthorn began giving her tranquillisers to help with her grief. She became addicted, so Rob began giving her heroin and overdosed her. He attempted to throw Lucy off the roof of a car park but was stopped and Lucy was rushed to hospital.
  • Kurt Benson vowed revenge on Rob Hawthorn for attempting to murder Lucy Benson, and as Rob tried to flee to France, Kurt followed. He managed to jump onto Rob's speedboat and a fight ensued, in which Rob fell into the ocean and Kurt left him for dead.
  • Having marital problems with Ruth Benson, Kurt Benson ignited an affair with Ruth's step-sister, Kate Patrick, which she discovered in December, leading to their divorce.

Cunningham family Edit

  • The Cunningham family were shocked to learn of Cindy Cunningham's baby. Cindy suffered from post-natal depression and attempted to leave Holly. However, her father, Gordon Cunningham, tried to make her accept her responsibilities as a mother. Cindy attempted to suffocate Holly, but was stopped by her sister, Jude Cunningham. The incident made Cindy realise how much she loved Holly.
  • Jude Cunningham struggled with the death of her sister, Dawn Cunningham, and turned to drink again. Jude later got involved in the dodgy deals of her first cousin, once removed, Roger. The scheme went wrong and Jude fled the country, devastating her family.

Richardson family Edit

  • Dennis Richardson was furious to learn that his daughter, Mandy Richardson was dating Sol Patrick, and raped her. Mandy went missing, but was found by Lewis Richardson, and she revealed that she had run away because Dennis raped her. Lewis encouraged and supported Mandy as she went to the police, and, despite Dennis trying to convince Mandy to drop the charges, Dennis was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

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Debuts Edit

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Number Character Actor Debut date
Jasmine BatesElly Fairman1998
Emily TaylorLorna Pegler1998
Tessie ThompsonSian Foulkes1998
FinnJames Redmond8th June 1998

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Departures Edit

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Number Character Actor Departure date
Jambo BoltonWill MellorAugust 1998
Dennis RichardsonDavid McAlisterOctober 1998
Rob HawthornWarren Derosa16th October 1998
Jude CunninghamDavinia TaylorDecember 1998

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