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1997 was Hollyoaks's third year of production. This year, Hollyoaks received it's first award nomination - "Most Popular Children's Programme" at the National Television Awards.


Hollyoaks eventsEdit

Stan and Ollie crash (1997)

Lee Stanley and Ollie Benson are seriously injured in a car accident.

Real life eventsEdit

Major StorylinesEdit

Benson familyEdit

  • Kurt Benson defended his girlfriend, Ruth Osborne, against builder Spike, who was harassing Ruth. Kurt accidentally pushed Spike off the scaffolding, and he was injured when he fell on a spike. Kurt was arrested and charged with attempted murder.
  • Kurt Benson, believing that nobody believed that he didn't intend to hurt Spike, decided to flee to Hull with Ruth Osborne in pursuit. There, Kurt and Ruth decided to marry.
  • Ollie Benson tried to comfort his friend, Lee Stanley, after he was rejected by Cindy Cunningham, who was pregnant with his child. Lee began drinking heavily and Ollie got into the car, driven by a drunk Lee. Tony Hutchinson and Bazil McCourtey tried to get Lee to pull over, but to no avail and a speeding Lee flipped the car to avoid a reversing lorry, smashing through the lorry's contents and causing the car to flip upside down, only to hit a concrete block and roll back onto four wheels. Ollie and Stan died of their injuries in hospital a week later.

Cunningham familyEdit

  • Dawn Cunningham was contacted by her daughter, Bethany Cunningham, whom she had put up for adoption after her birth in 1991. Bethany had kidney failure and Dawn was not a match, so she asked Bethany's father - revealing him to be Jack Osborne. Jack didn't know about Bethany, but he was a match.
  • Jude Cunningham and her friend, Maddie Parker, were kidnapped by their ex-boyfriend, Michael St. John Thomas and a siege ensued. Michael attempted to throw Jude off the roof, but was distracted by Maddie who was wearing the wedding dress that Michael bought her. Jude freed herself of Michael's clutches, pushing him off the roof in the process - the fall killing him.
  • Angela Williams struggled with the departure of her husband, Terry, and was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Jude Cunningham struggled to cope with the events surrounding the siege and drunkenly knocked over a candle in Maddie Parker's flat, causing a fire. Despite initially being trapped, the pair managed to make it out alive.
  • Dawn Cunningham began a relationship with Jambo Bolton, but was diagnosed with leukemia. On Christmas Day, Jambo proposed to Dawn on a boat ride and she accepted, but passed away in Jambo's arms shortly afterwards.
  • Cindy Cunningham discovered that she was pregnant after sleeping with Lee Stanley, but kept the birth secret after Dawn's leukemia diagnosis. She gave birth to baby Holly Cunningham on Christmas Day and abandoned her at the nearby hospital.

Osborne/Patrick familyEdit

Richardson familyEdit

Other charactersEdit

  • Tony Hutchinson and Julie Matthews got engaged, but whilst walking down the aisle, Julie realised that she couldn't marry Tony and ran out. Tony was thrilled as he was also having second thoughts.
  • Maddie Parker became extremely paranoid over her safety following the siege, installing several locks onto the front door and refusing to leave the flat. She and Jude Cunningham were nearly killed when Jude drunkenly knocked a candle over, starting a fire. They managed to escape but Maddie decided to move back with her mother upon realising that there were too many bad memories for her to remain in the village.
  • After the car accident in November 1996, Carol Groves began believing that she was psychic and had the ability to read people's auras.

Cast ChangesEdit


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Dennis RichardsonDavid McAlister1997
Helen RichardsonKathryn George20th January 1997
O.B.Darren Jeffries6th October 1997
Gina PatrickDannielle BrentOctober 1997
Jill PatrickLynda RookeNovember 1997
Sol PatrickPaul DananNovember 1997
Kate PatrickNatasha Symms6th November 1997
Holly CunninghamKaris Sharkey22nd December 1997




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Number Character Actor Departure date
Susi HarrisonDeborah Chad1997
Julie MatthewsJulie Buckfield1997
Michael St. John ThomasTom Hudson27th February 1997
Celia OsborneCarol NoakesJune 1997
Darren OsborneAdam BoothJune 1997
Allie WilliamsAbigale S. RichAugust 1997
Maddie ParkerYasmin Bannerman25th September 1997
Ollie BensonPaul Leyshon6th October 1997
Lee StanleyNathan Valente6th October 1997
Bazil McCourteyToby SawyerDecember 1997
Dawn CunninghamLisa Williamson22nd December 1997


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