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1996 Cast

The main cast in 1996.

1996 was Hollyoaks's second year of production. In July 1996, the show went on a hiatus which lasted until September 1996. This was due to the show only being commissioned for 36 episodes to see how popular a teen soap opera would be. Upon the show's return, the show was broadcast twice a week, with a second episode being transmitted on Thursdays.

Early in the year, Channel 4 began pushing producers to tackle issue-based storylines, due to the soap not being viewed as seriously as other rival soaps. In March 1996, Hollyoaks's aired it's first issue-based storyline - the death of Natasha Andersen caused by an ecstacy overdose. The storyline was based off the death of Leah Betts, who died of an ecstacy overdose shortly after her eighteenth birthday. The storyline, although controversial, was very positively received among viewers.


Hollyoaks eventsEdit

18th November 1996

Dermot Ashton, Rob Hawthorne, Lucy Benson and Carol Groves crash into River Dee.

Real life eventsEdit

Major StorylinesEdit

The TeensEdit

  • Natasha Andersen died from an unintentional drug overdose after her drink was spiked by Rob Hawthorne and Dermot Ashton. The teens suspected that Rob played a role in Natasha's death, but Rob went unpunished due to the lack of evidence.
  • Rob Hawthorne and Dermot Ashton robbed a drug dealer's lock-up, in which they were caught and a car chase ensued. Dermot starting throwing money out of the window to get the dealers off their backs but Rob lost control of the car trying to stop him, crashing into River Dee. Dermot was killed in the accident.
  • The teens started to get revenge on Rob Hawthorne for Natasha Andersen's death when Lucy Benson lead Rob to the drug dealers whom he had stolen from. The drug dealers threw Rob off the roof of a multi-storey car park.

Cunningham familyEdit

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Other charactersEdit

  • Tony Hutchinson and Julie Matthews's relationship hit a bad patch and, when Tony went on holiday to Ibiza with his friends, he ended up sleeping with 14 different women.

Cast ChangesEdit


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Lee StanleyNathan ValenteJanuary 1996
Rob HawthorneWarren DerosaJanuary 1996
Jane AndersenSally Faulkner1st January 1996
Ruth OsborneTerri Dwyer1st January 1996
Carol GrovesNatalie Casey8th January 1996
Dermot AshtonLauren BealesFebruary 1996
Jude CunninghamDavinia Taylor18th March 1996
Susi HarrisonDeborah Chad6th May 1996
Michael St. John ThomasTom Hudson13th May 1996
Allie WilliamsAbigale S. Rich30th September 1996
Mandy RichardsonSarah Jayne Dunn7th October 1996
Celia OsborneCarol Noakes18th November 1996
Darren OsborneAdam Booth18th November 1996
Jack OsborneJames McKenna18th November 1996




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Number Character Actor Departure date
Natasha AndersenShebah Ronay18th March 1996
Louise TaylorBrett O'Brien13th May 1996
Greg AndersenAlvin Stardust8th July 1996
Jane AndersenSally Faulkner8th July 1996
Sarah AndersenAnna Martland8th July 1996
Dermot AshtonLauren Beales18th November 1996
Terry WilliamsIan Puleston-Davies25th November 1996
Tom JenkinsCharles Youlten5th December 1996


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