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The main cast in 1995.

1995 was Hollyoaks's first year of production, with the show debuting on 23rd October. Aside from the second episode airing on Friday, the show was broadcast once a week, every Monday. Phil Redmond filled the role of producer, with no executive producer serving above him.


In the early 1990s, Channel 4 sought for programming targeted towards a more teenage audience. Phil Redmond, having received suggestions by Grange Hill viewers throughout the 1980s for a soap opera centering around teenagers, pitched these ideas under the working title of The Teenage Soap. Channel 4 accepted the pitch and filming began in 1995.

On a thirty-eight-episode contract, the serial was mostly filmed on location as well as part of the set used for Brookside, sharing Lime Pictures's (then named Mersey Television) Liverpool studio until Brookside was cancelled and the serial's contract ended in 2003.

The first episode of Hollyoaks was transmitted on 23rd October 1995, proving popular with the target teenage audience and reaching viewing figures of around 3,000,000. Fifteen regular characters were introduced in the first episode, including the show's longest-running character Tony Hutchinson. Lewis Richardson was introduced two episodes later, intended as the serial's antagonist. However, due to schedule issues, actor Ben Hull was unable to film towards the end of 1995 and the character of Rob Hawthorn was later created for Lewis's stories, with Lewis being re-written.


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Kurt Benson's car explodes.

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Number Character Actor Debut date
Greg Andersen Alvin Stardust 23rd October 1995
Natasha Andersen Shebah Ronay 23rd October 1995
Sarah Andersen Anna Martland 23rd October 1995
Kurt Benson Jeremy Edwards 23rd October 1995
Lucy Benson Kerrie Taylor 23rd October 1995
Ollie Benson Paul Leyshon 23rd October 1995
Jambo Bolton Will Mellor 23rd October 1995
Angela Cunningham Liz Stooke 23rd October 1995
Dawn Cunningham Lisa Williamson 23rd October 1995
Tony Hutchinson Nick Pickard 23rd October 1995
Julie Matthews Julie Buckfield 23rd October 1995
Bazil McCourtey Toby Sawyer 23rd October 1995
Maddie Parker Yasmin Bannerman 23rd October 1995
Louise Taylor Brett O'Brien 23rd October 1995
Terry Williams Ian Puleston-Davies 23rd October 1995
Lewis Richardson Ben Hull 30th October 1995
Max Cunningham Ben Sheriff 6th November 1995
Juliette Benson Martine Brown November 1995
Kirk Benson James Quinn November 1995
Cindy Cunningham Laura Crossley 4th December 1995






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Episode Number Original Air Date Writer(s) Director(s)
#0001 23rd October 1995 Phil Redmond Ken Horn
#0002 27th October 1995 Phil Redmond Ken Horn
#0003 30th October 1995 Phil Redmond
#0004 6th November 1995 Phil Redmond Ric Mellis
#0005 13th November 1995 Phil Redmond Ric Mellis
#0006 20th November 1995 Phil Redmond Jeremy Woolf
#0007 27th November 1995 Phil Redmond Ric Mellis
#0008 4th December 1995 Andrew Lynch Ric Mellis
#0009 11th December 1995 Roy Boulter Jo Hallows
#0010 18th December 1995 Roy Boulter Jo Hallows

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