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1995 Cast

The main cast in 1995.

1995 was Hollyoaks's first year of production, with the show debuting on 23rd October. Aside from the second episode airing on Friday, the show was broadcast once a week, every Monday. This year saw Jo Hallows join the producing team following a month of Phil Redmond serving as both executive and series producer.


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Episode 1 (23rd October 1995)

Sarah Andersen is injured in a car explosion.

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Number Character Actor Debut date
Greg AndersenAlvin Stardust23rd October 1995
Natasha AndersenShebah Ronay23rd October 1995
Sarah AndersenAnna Martland23rd October 1995
Kurt BensonJeremy Edwards23rd October 1995
Lucy BensonKerrie Taylor23rd October 1995
Ollie BensonPaul Leyshon23rd October 1995
Jambo BoltonWill Mellor23rd October 1995
Angela CunninghamLiz Stooke23rd October 1995
Dawn CunninghamLisa Williamson23rd October 1995
Gordon CunninghamBernard Latham23rd October 1995
Tony HutchinsonNick Pickard23rd October 1995
Tom JenkinsCharles Youlten23rd October 1995
Julie MatthewsJulie Buckfield23rd October 1995
Bazil McCourteyToby Sawyer23rd October 1995
Maddie ParkerYasmin Bannerman23rd October 1995
Louise TaylorBrett O'Brien23rd October 1995
Terry WilliamsIan Puleston-Davies23rd October 1995
Lewis RichardsonBen Hull30th October 1995
Max CunninghamBen Sheriff6th November 1995
Juliette BensonMartine BrownNovember 1995
Kirk BensonJames QuinnNovember 1995
Cindy CunninghamLaura Crossley4th December 1995






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Year # Total # Original Air Date Writer(s) Director(s) Prod. Code
001123rd October 1995Phil RedmondKen Horn
002227th October 1995Phil RedmondKen Horn
003330th October 1995Phil RedmondKen Horn
00446th November 1995Phil RedmondRic Mellis
005513th November 1995Phil RedmondRic Mellis
006620th November 1995Phil RedmondJeremy Woolf
007727th November 1995Phil RedmondRic Mellis
00884th December 1995Andrew LynchRic Mellis
009911th December 1995Roy BoulterJo Hallows
0101018th December 1995Roy BoulterJo Hallows

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