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Nancy is frantic when Newt and Jack announce that Jake and Charlie are missing. After discovering a message from Jake on her phone, Nancy races to the woods to find that he has gassed himself and Charlie in his car.

She takes Charlie away from Jake and is relieved when he starts to cry. Leaving Jake to die in the car, she returns to the village where she tearfully tells Frankie and Steph they’re too late. Alone with Charlie, Nancy locks herself in the flat. But there’s still one more nasty shock in store.

Justin overhears Katy confide her uncertainties over their relationship to Zak. Determined to prove that Katy is the most important thing in his life, Justin enlists the help of Tony to teach him how to make her favourite food.

Justin finally finishes cooking, but they’re interrupted by Jack, who tells Justin that Jake has kidnapped Charlie. As Justin rushes off to Nancy’s flat, he’s unaware that the attraction between Zak and Katy is boiling over Tony is sweating over Mercedes’ threats to tell Jacqui about their one-night-stand and offers to pay Mercedes off if she promises to keep their fling a secret.

Also, it seems Elliot’s luck is in with Sarah.

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