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Calvin agrees to go to The Loft to meet Warren, but when he gets there he finds Warren and Nige arguing violently. Warren offers Calvin the chance to put Nige away but they are both taken aback when Nige produces a knife. Calvin tries to calm Nige down, but ends up losing it himself when Nige winds him up about Sasha. As Carmel and Valerie debate the seating plan for the wedding, Sasha manages to get Myra and Valerie to agree to sit down to a meal together at Il Gnosh. However, they are interrupted by Warren who has some bad news about Calvin. Has his blackmail gone too far. Gilly demands Neville’s rent from an impoverished Steand Justin who have no idea how they’re going to stump up the cash. Later, Gilly spots Justin later at the Dirty Diegos’ gig and gives him an ultimatum – rent money by Monday or they’re out. Ste is depressed, but soon sees a chance of putting an end to his money problems once and for all. Rhys and Gilly bottle it at the Dirty Diegos gig, leaving Josh to take to the stage alone. Josh begins to play the love song he’s written for Amy, unaware that she is a no show.

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