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Leila and Justin both feel guilty after kissing Elliot and Hannah. Leila wants to make things work with Justin and asks Elliot to keep their kiss between them secret, breaking Elliot’s heart. Justin takes Leila to Il Gnosh but when he spots Hannah kissing Ash he can’t stand it and confesses that he kissed another girl, devastating Leila. Justin is gutted when Hannah tells him that she won’t end things with Ash. Sasha tries to talk to Warren but he tells her he’s not into playing silly games. The atmosphere is lightened when Sasha teaches Spencer to walk down the catwalk and Warren can’t help but be amused. Calvininterrupts their fun and Sasha thinks Calvin is trying to turn Warren against her. Sasha decides to make her move and she goes to the flat and seduces Warren, who can’t resist. Rhys is determined to split his little brother up from Amy and the responsibility of fatherhood. He replays Josh the footage of his lap dance then takes him to Il Gnosh to get a cheeky glimpse of Loretta. Rhys secretly calls the university in London and confirms that Josh will be taking up the music degree. Also, Dom asks Loretta to give up the lap dancing and she’s outraged.

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