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Dom wants to do something special for Loretta for Valentine’s Day and decides to kick off proceedings as the clock turns midnight.

Dom is gutted when Loretta reveals she’s working at the club tonight and he tries to get her to take a sickie but Loretta thinks he’s jumpy about her working as a lap dancer.

Loretta storms off, leaving Dom alone with his romantic midnight dinner for two but Loretta soon returns, unable to tear herself away from her man.

Sasha gets a Valentine’s card from Spencer but lets herself believe that it’s from Warren.

Sasha offers to make Warren and Spencer dinner and he thanks her for helping to repair his relationship with Spencer. Warren goes cold when he receives a scathing Valentine’s card from Louise and he accuses Spencer of writing it.

Sasha meekly confesses to having written it in the hope that it might help him forget Louise.

Michaela plans a romantic night in at the McQueens with Zak but Mercedes has the same idea with Malachy.

The sisters argue but when they fight subsides Mercedes reveals to Michaela that she knows Myra’s spoiling Malachy because she’s scared of his HIV status and doesn’t want him touching anything.

Also, Ash buys Hannah an extravagant gift for Valentine’s Day.

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