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After Frankie discovers some of her jewellery is missing, sly Darren suggests they search everyone’s room, and Darren conveniently finds the jewellery in Newt’s rucksack. Jack is furious that Newt has betrayed them, while Frankie is devastated. Denying he is a thief and claiming someone is stitching him up, Newt offers to call his social worker when it’s obvious no one believes him.

Jake is pleased his plan is working and enjoys feeling needed when Nancy pleads with him to help fix her leaking sink. Admitting she still loves him and that the place is not the same without him, Nancy tells him she is not ready to throw their relationship away. Insisting that he needs someone who puts family first, Jake tells Nancy she will have to sacrifice her independence if she wants Jake and Charlie to be part of her life.

Increasingly concerned with Nige’s presence at the flat, Amy confides in Michaela that she thinks he’s dodgy. However, when Michaela meets Nige, she is immediately smitten. Ste warns Nige he cannot deal drugs from the flat, but Nige ignores him and orders him to do the dealing while he flirts with Michaela.

Also, OB is thrilled when Summer invites him for a thank you drink, but is stunned to learn she’s already hooked up with Kris.

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  • On it's original airing on Channel 4, this episode got 1.83 million viewers.
  • Music Ian Brown - Keep Ya What Got.
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