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Louise insists on holding a surprise birthday party for Mandy and enlists Tony to hold the event in his flat. Mandy isn’t too happy to hear about the party when Cindy lets it slip, but is persuaded to attend. At the party, it’s not long before Cindy causes trouble and informs Warren and Mandy she knows they were having an affair. Warren realises it’s useless attempting to deny the accusation. Later, after Warren and Dom’s departure, Mandy and Tony find comfort in each other’s arms. Although she is still getting texts from Malachy, Mercedes can’t bring herself to speak to him. Meanwhile, in Ireland, Malachy informs Kris he has booked his and Mercedes’ wedding day, but just needs to convince the bride to turn up. Back in Hollyoaks, Mercedes is bewildered to hear about her forthcoming wedding, and turns to Dom for advice. Jacqui is furious to find Mercedes living in Tony’s flat and Dom is forced to separate the fighting sisters. Newt and Lauren’s plan to cause trouble at school succeeds when they set the alarm ringing and are caught with plastic knives. Later, Leo and Frankie are upset to hear that Newt and Lauren planned the stunt to spend more time together at detention.

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