Hollyoaks eventsEdit

  • 2014 - Sienna Blake and Maxine Minniver are involved in a car accident which sends them crashing onto train tracks. The car is hit by Porsche McQueen and Lockie Campbell's wedding train, which causes the train to flip. As the train catches alight, Sonny Valentine, who had tried to throw Theresa McQueen off the train, tries to keep her captive. Carmel Valentine frees Theresa and stops Sonny from going after Theresa when the train explodes. Sonny is killed instantly and Carmel dies of her injuries shortly afterwards, surrounded by her family.

Real life eventsEdit



Episodes aired on 12th November in the following years:

  • 1990s - To be added
  • 2000s - To be added
  • 2010s - To be added
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