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Sasha panics about her fashion show when one of the models cancels and she’s forced to ask for Sarah‘s help. Sasha is put out when Warren can’t take his eyes off Sarah and sabotages Sarah’s catwalk run. Warren tells Sasha to stop being so childish but she ups her game and flirts with Rhys to get Warren’s attention. Her games seem to be working when Warren is put out after finding Sasha and Rhys kissing. Amy‘s feeling fat and frumpy at Josh and Sasha’s 18th birthday party at The Loft. Rhys has bought Josh a private lap dance from Loretta and it’s cut short when a disgusted Amy walks in on them. Meanwhile, Dom has tried not to be bothered about Loretta’s booking but his heart sinks when he sees his girlfriend so scantily clad in front of his friends.

Justin is annoyed with himself when he forgets to order the food for the party and Ash plays hero to provide the catering. Justin can’t stand seeing Hannah with Ash any longer and tells her to leave Ash and go out with him. Justin makes a pass at Hannah, but Hannah’s disgusted by his behaviour and storms off. Also, Elliot tells Leila how he feels about her and she kisses him.

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