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At the Ashworths, Fletch is locked up in a stripped room to go cold turkey. He begs Hannah to let him out of the room, but she refuses. As the Ashworths discuss Fletch’s future, Suzanne suggests they seek professional help. Upstairs, Fletch’s crying prompts Hannah to unlock the door. He panics when Josh tries to bundle him back in the room, and accidentally catches Hannah in the face, before fleeing. Tony is unimpressed with Dom’s decision to employ Cindy. Meanwhile, Tony takes a phone call from Mandy, causing him to leave II Gnosh. Later, Tony reveals that Mandy is now a single mum with nowhere to live and admits he has leant her money for a flat deposit. Jacqui is unhappy to learn of Tony’s generosity and angrily lays into him. Tony flees, but when he returns later, Jacqui furiously kicks Tony out in a jealous rage. A flirtatious Mercedes tries to get closer to Ravi by attending an interview for the bar job with him in Warren’s flat. They soon get passionate, but manage to dress themselves just as Warren and Louise arrive. Louise is furious, but gets her own back when Nancy turns up asking about the bar job and Louise offers it to her.

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