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Nancy is mortified when Sarah walks in and discovers her in bed with Kris. Nancy tells Kris she can't see him anymore because of her feelings for Ravi. Later, In a moment of irrationality, Nancy asks Ravi to move in with her. Ravi thinks it's too soon, and doesn't want to jeopardise their relationship. Overwhelmed with guilt, she abruptly splits up with him, After failing to cheer Mike up, Amy takes matters into her own hands, and texts Zoe, warning her to stay away from Mike, Zoe is later stunned when she finds all her stuff littering the village. Meanwhile, Amy turns up at college and dumps her belongings at Sarah's feet before a mortified Mike intervenes. He confronts Amy and they have a row before Sarah joins in. Sarah is devastated when Mike says he wants her to stay away and is unsure if he ever wants to see her again, Theresa accuses Anita of still fancying Newt. Anita denies it but it's obvious she still has feelings for him. Theresa vows to help Anita get over her crush by giving her a crash course in the opposite sex, Also, Steph and Tom return to the village.

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