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Michaela invites Zak round to meet the family and the McQueens take great pleasure in making him jump through hoops.

Mercedes and Jacqui plan some shoplifting and talk round a disapproving Myra when they remind her that there are bills to pay.

The McQueens pile out of the house leaving Zak to watch over the dogs and they embark on a massive shoplifting spree that proves to be a huge success.

Warren invites Sasha to stay for dinner as a peace-offering and patches things up with Spencer.

Things are nearly spoiled when Sasha brings up Louise and Warren snaps at her but he quickly apologises.

There is a strange calm as they all sit and eat dinner, Sasha notices that they almost look like a family.

Dom enjoys being nursed back to health whilst painting his model soldiers but he’s disappointed when Loretta says she has to go back to work.

Dom feigns a downturn in his recovery and Loretta falls for it and offers to stay at home but she quickly realises what he’s up to.

Dom confesses that he loves spending time with Loretta and she admits that she feels the same way.

Also, Carmel lectures Theresa about not following the McQueen family down the path of crime!.

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