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Having run out on Lauren last night just moments before they were supposed to sleep together for the first time, Newt is given the cold shoulder. Newt confides in Russ who looks over his medication and tells him that one of the side effects can be impotence. Meanwhile, Lauren has given up on Newt and decides it must be over between them. Back at home, Newt decides to risk Eli making a reappearance and stops taking his medication. Zak admits to Calvin that he roughed up Gaz a bit the night before and Calvin takes him to the station for questioning, giving him a caution for his troubles. Furious at how the law has failed him, Zak heads back to Relish in a terrible mood. Things get worse when Gilly sacks him for being constantly late and not helping him when Gaz mugged him. Unfortunately for Gilly, when Gaz and his mates come by that night to avenge Zak’s attack, there’s no one about to help. Tony prepares to enter his plea in court for the statutory rape of Theresa, but knows he stands little chance against a stern legal system. Later, things get worse when Neville asks him to leave the pub in case other customers might be put off drinking around him.

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