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The Roy family take over the Ashworths house, and Mr Roy soon makes his mark at school by installing metal detectors and confiscating the girls’ fancy jewellery. Louise and Warren have had their locks changed after Cindy’s break-in. Confronting Cindy with the bill for the locksmith, Louise and Cindy end up fighting. The brawl turns nasty when Cindy bites Louise. Fed up, Warren steps in and threatens Cindy. Later, Mandy is stunned when Louise asks her if she’d be the maid of honour at her wedding. The situation gets worse when Warren returns and finds Mandy in her bridesmaid dress. As Mandy and Warren row, they are oblivious that Cindy has overheard Warren end his affair with Mandy. Furious to find Mercedes has moved in, Tony rows with Dom. As the brothers argue about her staying in the flat, Mercedes overhears Tony’s angry words and informs them she’ll leave as soon as she can get herself together. Feeling guilty, Tony later invites her to stay at the flat. Elliot listens to Rhys’s tales from the MTV awards, but is unhappy to learn that Hannah has gone off to Paris with Matt the music producer. 

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