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Josh tells Amy he’s going to check out the courses at HCC and she’s worried he’s only doing it for her sake. Amy is angry when she turns up at the SU bar and finds Josh in a clinch with Lydia, although it’s perfectly innocent. Amy’s jealousy takes over and she rages at the pair and lashes out at Lydia as a horrified Josh and Sarah look on. Kris challenges Zak and Archie to see who can be turned down by more courses at the HCC open day, but Archie is not in the mood for games. Archie is feeling insecure that his quest for Sarah at the bowling green was ruined but he’s determined to get back into the England squad and win his girl. Justin and Hannah work side-by-side in the SU bar and try to avoid their obvious attraction. Ash whisks Hannah away but she’s angry with him when he makes it clear his idea of romance is flashing the cash and walks out on him. Justin is pleased to hear about the row but Ash makes amends with Hannah by bringing her favourite flowers. Also, Sasha panics about her upcoming fashion show and her plan to ensnare Warren.

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