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The Barnes family try to adjust following Kathy’s departure. Worried it’s her fault, Zoe decides to move out, despite Sarah insisting she stays. Later, when Mike and Zoe end up sharing a bottle of wine. Zoe finds herself confessing her feelings to Mike. But does he feel the same.

Amy feels lost and alone without her family, and is fed up listening to Michaela’s self-centred ramblings. However, Amy opts to follow Michaela’s advice, and makes it up with an overjoyed Ste. But their reconciliation is interrupted by the arrival of Terry, Ste’s stepdad, who makes them an offer.

Michaela mortifies Myra and John-Paul by continuing to flirt outrageously with Kieron. Annoyed that Kieron treats her like a silly schoolgirl, Michaela asks a distracted Amy for advice on sexy underwear to seduce him. Dressed up in her sexiest clothes, she throws herself shamelessly at Kieron, but will he give in to her advances.

John-Paul worries when he finds Elliot on the HCC Roof, about to broadcast another pirate radio session. Elliot insists on carrying on but later in The Dog, almost gives himself away to Kris, who is annoyed about The Pirate’s popularity. As Kris looks set to uncover the secret identity of his radio rival, John-Paul steals Elliot’s thunder.

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  • On it's original airing on Channel 4, this episode got 1.84 million viewers.
  • Music Lamb - Gabriel.
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