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Spencer and Warren come to blows and when Warren yells at Spencer he locks himself in Warren’s car and a standoff develops.

Warren realises that Sasha is the only person Spencer will listen and he calls her.

Sasha talks round Spencer on the proviso that Warren won’t be angry but when Warren flies off the handle after Spencer gets out, both Spencer and Sasha feel betrayed.

Michaela interviews a woman whose kennels are shutting down and she ends up taking on the puppies. Myra is horrified but can’t bring herself to kick the dogs out and agrees to keep them until Michaela can find them a home. Jacqui and Theresa are gutted when the puppies chew apart their shoplifting fake pregnancy bumps.

Myra is fuming when she realises what the girls have been up to.

Dom is not well but he drags himself out from under the duvet to go and see a rare bird with Loretta. When they get to the site of the nest there are already a few other ‘twitchers’ waiting. Dom spots the bird first but he sneezes and the bird disappears.

Dom feels terrible but all Loretta cares about is seeing Dom get better so she takes him home for some TLC.

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