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Kris confesses to Malachy that he slept with Mercedes. Malachy is left devastated with the realisation that he may have infected both his girlfriend and his brother. After hearing that the condom spilt, Malachy has no option but to tell Kris the truth about his HIV. The brothers come to blows after Malachy refuses to say whether he will tell Mercedes about his condition, and Kris heads to the hospital to be tested. An excited Mandy persuades Warren to come to Steph‘s flat to look at further details for his wedding to Louise. Warren feigns interest in the honeymoon, preferring to flirt with Mandy instead. Meanwhile, Cindy proposes that Louise comes with her to the party in Halls before sneakily mentioning that she saw Warren and Mandy together earlier. Louise heads off to the party, and returns home later in a drunken state, much to Warren’s fury. At the student party, Elliot and Hannah both fear that the competitiveness between Zak and Sarah is getting out of hand and begin to find they have more in common than they first thought. Also, Leo is annoyed to realise Danny stole his best man’s speech, but later shocks him by revealing he is planning to propose to Valerie. 

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