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Tony decides to get his life back on track and he organises a visit from his son Harry. Dom tries to introduce Loretta to Tony but finds his brother is too distracted. Meanwhile, Jacqui has had second thoughts about rejecting Tony and goes to talk to him but she’s devastated when he tells her that they’ve caused each other too much pain and it’s over for good. Zak is terrified when he has a work placement at Hollyoaks High. Theresa and Anita spot that he’s struggling and take advantage of a nervous Zak during netball practice. The girls tie him up in knots just in time for a disapproving Gov to see. Michaela gives Zak a sympathetic kiss in the playground but it puts pay to Zak’s teaching career forever when Gov spots them. Rhys is excited about Josh’s new life in London and thinks about the endless possibilities for pulling new women when Josh takes him out to the clubs! Josh, however, realises he can’t live without Amy for three years and decides to ditch his London uni dream and sign up for a course at HCC. Also, Elliot bangs his head and loses his ability to see auras but finds a surprising attraction to Leila instead.

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