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As the day of Max’s funeral arrives, Steph prepares to bury her husband. Cindy and Mandy support an emotional Angela, while OB helps Tom to get ready. Tom reveals he doesn’t want to go to the funeral because he doesn’t want to say goodbye, and OB admits he’s not keen on going either. The mourners gather in the village, as Steph, Darren, Jack, Tony and Dom escort Max Cunningham out of Hollyoaks for the final time. Meanwhile, OB takes Tom for a walk and OB suggests that they should read a little of Max’s eulogy in the village. Tom agrees and OB begins to remember the life and times of his best mate. Over at the church, brave Steph is reading the same eulogy to the moved congregation. Darren cringes as Steph reveals she’s going to finish the service with a song and she bids farewell to Max in her own special way. With the service over, OB joins Mandy and Tony in mourning. OB takes Tom home and they watch an old video of Max. Sad that Max has gone, Tom decides he now knows who he wants to look after him – OB. Unprepared for Tom’s request, OB promises that he’ll never leave Tom.

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