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Theresa turns up at Tan & Tumble in the hopes of cashing in on Jacqui‘s illicit clothes shop but Ash is there and Jacqui makes her start cleaning the shop to cover their tracks.

Theresa hits the town with Anita instead and enlists Anita’s unwitting help for some casual shoplifting.

Jacqui is impressed when Theresa arrives back with a false pregnant belly full of swag!.

Sarah wakes up in Warren’s bed and feels awkward. She half hopes for an invitation to stay but an uninterested Warren can’t even remember her name! Archie bumps into Sarah and assures her that even though she slept with Warren he’s still holding out for her.

Archie reveals he’s going to get an England’cap for lawn bowling to complete the next task on her ‘boyfriend material’ list.

Calvin promises Carmel an exotic holiday then goes to see Warren about more work to raise the funds.

Warren asks Calvin to retrieve some money from a surly mechanic and his pregnant wife.

Calvin feels bad about it and Warren offers to let Calvin keep the money as his fee in recompense.

Also, Kris worries that Nancy and Ravi have both gone off him when they go away on a romantic weekend.

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