Cindy is determined to leave the hospital. Prince receives his hospital reminder. Jesse says he needs to sell the salon. Mac tries to talk Cindy out of going home. Lily is concerned over Prince's behaviour. Liam and Grace argue, Jesse has to stop them. Lily tells Tony that she's concerned about Prince's behaviour. Romeo feels guilty about living in Cindy's house, and tells Donna-Marie that she needs to tell Cindy the truth or he will. Lisa convinces Laim to contact one of Glenn's contacts. Lily is confused when Prince lies about where he's going. Romeo tells Prince that he's accompanying him to his appointment. Cindy is infuriated that nobody is listening to her, but Alfie emotionally blackmails her. Juliet tells Romeo she wants to stay, and Donna-Marie tries to convince him too. Prince fails to get ahold of Romeo. Lily is confused when she is told Goldie McQueen today. Grace is infuriated seeing lots of bottles of dodgy vodka. Mac gets Cindy to sign some papers, and later reveals to Donna-Marie that he has conned Cindy out of her house. Prince is informed that there is a strong chance he has testicular cancer.


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