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• 8/30/2018

Deleting Pages

If you think a page should be removed, please do not rename the page and delete all the content. Simply just type {{delete}} in the source editor and leave a reason why. If you rename pages/delete all content, this will be seen as vandalism.

If you have any questions or are unable to use the delete tag, please let me or KevinSource know.
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• 5/15/2018

List of Deaths - To Be Updated

How come Nico's "death" is still recorded on the list, because we all know now that she didn't actually die?!
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• 5/15/2018

List of Deaths - To Be Updated

How come Nico's "death" is still recorded on the list, because we all know now that she didn't actually die?!
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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/3/2017


When you add a name in a character info box how do you make the name blue and actually link it to their website?
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• 9/18/2016

Brand New Characters for 2016

New characters have been released.

Eva Falco (Jack Osborne's niece) Billy Brody (Jack Osborne's brother) Nick Savage (Dirk Savage's nephew) Goldie McQueen (McQueen Family Member) Prince McQueen (Goldie's son) Hunter McQueen (Goldie's son)
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• 1/2/2016

Message from Kit0804

I'm sorry to be saying this. But it has just gone on too long. From this day forward, I will be block/banning anyone who adds the "Romances" area in the characters pages. I'm sorry to be doing this but it has to be done for it to be stopped.
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• 12/30/2015

Brand New Characters!!!

Dr. Berrington Presenting: Dr. Berrington. A new recurring character who will appear today! This will be for when of the MAIN CAST get horribly ill. Who knows who she will save or do we have another rogue past?
James: A solicitor. Known to cause trouble for Ste, Harry, Cindy and Tony. Could he be a love interest, or just here to cause trouble?
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• 12/2/2015

The New Hollyoaks Winter Trailer is out!!

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• 11/29/2015

Pages that need revamps

Although this list may seem long, if we all work together, then this wiki can become one of the best! These pages need to be added to the standard that is of Simone Loveday or Mercedes McQueen. And for the cast, that of Annie Wallace.
Kathy Barnes
Ziggy Roscoe
Oscar Osborne
Jem Costello
Dodger Savage
Finn O'Connor
Liz Burton
Mel Burton
Myra McQueen
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• 11/22/2015

Unnecessary Romances Area

Please stop adding the "romances", "marital status" and "past marriages", etc. to the pages. This is unecassery and will be added in the characters storylines. Thank you.
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• 11/15/2015

To Do List

Hello Everyone! I'd like to create this to do list. If you go onto pages, and find pages that are uncreated, then they are obviously a must-do. 
All character pages to have the same stats as character pages such as Charles S'Avage or Celine McQueen. Business pages should be followed as Price Slice or Daz Cabs is set out. 
Former and current businesses to be added
If a character leaves/business shut down, then if I am not around, please add a last appearance/last seen.
(Please see here for a list of characters that need to be revamped).

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